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NGC2264 - Subaru / ESO / Own data

Technical card

RA center: 100.269 degrees

DEC center: 9.602 degrees

Orientation: -90.009 degrees

Field radius: 0.406 degrees


This image is the composition of data from the Subaru telescope (NOAJ, @ Mauna Kea) at 656nm, narrow, complemented with ESO observations from La Silla.
The RGB data have been taken by a former image by F. Antonucci with RC 14" and KAF16803.

Subaru panels: 400
Additional data for luminance: ESO
RGB: F. Antonucci

Copyright: R. Colombari / F. Antonucci


Roberto Colombari
License: None (All rights reserved) Dec. 22, 2014

Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC2264 - Subaru / ESO / Own data, Roberto Colombari