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Old Timey Astrophoto - Windmill at Mushroom Rock State Park, KS (circa 2002)

Contains: Extremely wide field

Technical card

Resolution: 2048x2868 job: 785072

RA center: 221.722 degrees

DEC center: -29.421 degrees

Pixel scale: 45.109 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 144.592 degrees

Field radius: 22.075 degrees


Here is my first "successful" astrophoto I took in 2002 at Mushroom Rock State Park in Kansas. It was shot probably on ISO1600 film with a SLR camera I picked up at a garage sale in high school. There was a good year or so that I enjoyed photographing constellations and planetary conjunctions, though I never figured out how gain some control over the final printed image. Fortunately, our small town had a film developing shop whose owner kindly humored my seemingly underexposed photos. A few months after this photo was taken I worked a crummy summer job just long enough to by an 8" reflector with the intention of connecting my camera to the scope and launching my career in telescope astrophotography. As it turned out, the first night I brought out the camera and telescope together, the camera shutter locked up and never worked again. Since I had just started college, I found myself broke for the better part of a decade and managed to skip over the film era entirely before I could rejoin the pursuit. I was very pleased with the resources available when I landed in the digital age of astrophotography a few years ago, though I do miss the grainy feel of those old photographs.



Jason Tackett

Sky plot

Sky plot


Old Timey Astrophoto - Windmill at Mushroom Rock State Park, KS (circa 2002), Jason Tackett