Lunar Eclipse, 2015-Sep-27 11:03 pm EDT

Contains: Earth's Moon

Technical card

Resolution: 4200x3000

Locations: Home base, Yorktown, VA, United States


Despite the cloud cover in my region, I managed to get some nice pictures of the eclipse through the clouds. This image is during mid-totality. What a great show!

Exposure: 2 seconds @ ISO800

Processing Workflow (PixInsight)

1. Neutralize background (BackgroundNeutralization)
2. Set white balance (ColorCalibration; used image of non-eclipsed moon from later in the night as white reference, disable structure detection)
3. Non-linear stretch (HistogramTransformation)
4. Small contrast curve (CurvesTransformation)
5. Increase saturation (CurvesTransformation to saturation)
6. Noise reduction (ACDNR to Lightness w/mask)
7. Clean up hot pixels (Pixel Math [Shwartz script])
8. Increase saturation some more (CurvesTransformation to saturation w/range mask selecting moon)
9. Reduce background value (CurvesTransformation)
10. Final Crop to 5x 7 aspect ratio (DynamicCrop)
11. Set ICC profile to sRGB for web publishing (ICCProfileTransformation)

Manfred Schwarz’ galaxy tutorial:




Jason Tackett


Lunar Eclipse, 2015-Sep-27 11:03 pm EDT, Jason Tackett