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Glowing Red California Nebula NGC 1499 Collaboration, 


            Tom Masterson

Glowing Red California Nebula NGC 1499 Collaboration

Technical card

Resolution: 6759x4376

Integration: 0.0 hours job: 851965


This image of the California, Nebula NGC 1499 is a collaboration between Sara Wager and myself. Sara supplied a 2x2 mosaic capturing 55x1800" of Ha monochrome data (27.5 hours!) using a Takahashi FSQ85 telescope with a Atik 460EXM camera and a 3nm Ha filter, and I supplied 20x300" or about 1h40min of color data using a Williams Optics Star 71 Astrograph telescope and a Baader filter modified Canon 6D DSLR.
A link to Sara's spectacular mono Ha image can be found here:…/2/3/3/7/233773…/ngc1499_ha.jpg
Also here's a link to her page with tons of awesome examples of her work:
The California Nebula is a vast area of nebulosity covering about 2.5 degrees in apparent size in the night sky, or about 5 full moons across and is about 1,800 light-years distant located in the constellation Perseus. In this image it glows red due to the abundance of ionized hydrogen within it. The gas is likely ionized by the output of the very hot and bright star in the top/center of this image, Xi Persei which goes by the more common name of Menkib. Menkib is one of the hottest and most massive stars visible to the naked eye, it is a blue-white class O7.5III giant star with a surface temperature around 37,000 K! (for reference our star the sun has a surface temperature of 5,778 K).
More info on the California Nebula:
Info on Menkib:
Technical info:
Sara's Data:
2x2 panel mosaic
Mount: Avalon Linear Fast Reverse
Telescope Takahashi FSQ85 with 0.73x reducer
Camera: Atik 460EXM
Filter: 3nm Ha
Location: Olocau, Spain
My Data:
20x 300" @1600ISO Lights
20x Darks
20x Bias
20x Flats
Camera: 6D Baader Filter Mod by Hap Griffin
Scope: Williams Optics Star 71 Astrograph
Mount: Advanced VX
Guide Scope: Orion Mag Mini With ZWO ASI 120MCS
Capture Software: Backyard EOS
Guide Software: PHD
Stacking Software: Deep Sky Stacker
Final Processing: PSCC
Location: Los Padres National Forest, CA, USA



Tom Masterson
License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons


Glowing Red California Nebula NGC 1499 Collaboration, 


            Tom Masterson