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NGC 4889 Coma Berenices, 


            Lluis Romero Ventura


NGC 4889 (also known as Caldwell 35, Coma B) is a class-4 supergiant elliptical galaxy.

At the core of the galaxy is a supermassive black hole that heats up the intracluster medium through the action of friction from infalling gases and dust. The X-ray emission from the galaxy extends out to several million light years of the cluster.

As the largest and the most massive galaxy easily visible to Earth, NGC 4889 has played an important role in both amateur and professional astronomy, and has become a prototype in studying the dynamical evolution of other supergiant elliptical galaxies in the more distant universe.

Telescopi: GSO RC14" truss
Muntura: DDM85XL
Càmera: Moravian G2-8300
Exposicion: L : 52x 300 seg a Bin2 // RGB: 36x300 seg a Bin2
Processat: Pixinsight i Photoshop.



Lluis Romero Ventura
License: None (All rights reserved)


NGC 4889 Coma Berenices, 


            Lluis Romero Ventura