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Ophiuchus, Mars and Saturn - APOD on 2016 May 10

Contains: Extremely wide field

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens: Canon 100mm f/2

Imaging camera: Canon 6D modified

Mount: Skywatcher StarAdventurer

Guiding telescope or lens: Orion 50mm Guide Scope

Guiding camera: Orion StarShoot Autoguider

Software: Nik Colection PluginsPixInsight Photoshop CS5

Resolution: 5490x3780

Dates: April 10, 2016

Frames: 49x130" ISO10000

Integration: 1.8 hours

Darks: ~60

Bias: ~100

Avg. Moon age: 2.94 days

Avg. Moon phase: 9.49%

Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 2.00 job: 1058459

RA center: 252.990 degrees

DEC center: -23.140 degrees

Pixel scale: 13.814 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 171.556 degrees

Field radius: 12.789 degrees

Locations: Carrancas, Carrancas, Minas Gerais, Brazil




Carlos Fairbairn

Sky plot

Sky plot


Ophiuchus, Mars and Saturn - APOD on 2016 May 10, Carlos Fairbairn