Ganymede ingress on Jupiter

Contains: Jupiter

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens: C9.25

Imaging camera: Lumenera SKYNYX 2-1 C

Mount: 10 Micron GM1000 HPS

Software: PixinsightAvistack 2.0

Accessory: Barlow x2

Resolution: 800x800

Date: May 5, 2016

Time: 19:10

Frames: 500

Focal length: 4700

Locations: Castenedolo, Castenedolo, Italy


In my town, having a good seeing night is a rare event.

On May 5th 2016 the seeing was good enougth to allow some planetary imaging.
This is the very first time that I managed to get some details on the surface of a giovian satellite: Ganymede.

Unfortunately the magic finished soon and the turbulence retuned to the usual BAD level....



Edoardo Luca Radi...


Ganymede ingress on Jupiter, Edoardo Luca Radice (Astroedo)

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