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NGC3938 & supernova 2017ein

Contains: NGC 3938

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens: CELESTRON Edge HD 800

Imaging camera: Atik 460ex

Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ8

Guiding telescope or lens: CELESTRON Edge HD 800

Guiding camera: Starlight Xpress Lodestar-C

Focal reducer: Celestron EdgeHD 8 0.7x Reducer

Software: Absoft Neat ImagePHD guidingPhotoshop CCNebulosity

Filters: Baader Planetarium H-Alpha FilterGBRL

Accessories: Starlight Xpress OAGStarlight Xpress SX USB Filter Wheel 5x2"

Resolution: 2660x1774

Dates: May 31, 2017

B: 6x600"
G: 6x600"
Baader Planetarium H-Alpha Filter: 6x600"
L: 33x600"
R: 6x600"

Integration: 9.5 hours

Avg. Moon age: 5.83 days

Avg. Moon phase: 33.81% job: 1600696

RA center: 178.207 degrees

DEC center: 44.121 degrees

Pixel scale: 0.621 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -128.738 degrees

Field radius: 0.276 degrees


I was capturing light from that target for a few weeks, but a new supernova appeared on my sub-frames tonight!?! It was first observed by Ron Arbour on May 25th. So close!

Image B points to the supernova.






A cross marks the supernova.

Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC3938 & supernova 2017ein, AstroGG