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Saturn May 8th 2019

Technical card

Resolution: 1917x1279

Date:May 8, 2019

Time: 19:32

Frames: 140000

FPS: 53.00000

Focal length: 9775

CMI: 130.50

CMII: 335.60

CMIII: 25.90

Seeing: 5

Transparency: 7

Locations: Home property, Wattle Flat, NSW, Australia

Data source: Backyard


This is the RGB processed image as a follow on from my last wide field monochrome image. The seeing was just great. I made 15 RGB runs of 90 secs per colour channel. Saturn's lower luminance and hence less photons, means there is a benefit to longer runs. WinJUPOS does an effective job at derotating and integrating the images to give a higher signal to noise ratio. The lower noise is very obvious. I did use TGVdenoise in PixInsight to denoise the Blue channel which suffers the most and this cleaned up the image beautifully. The planet limbs seem to be less affected than Jupiter by long integrations in WinJUPOS, but I usually integrate the limbs from a single central capture with the body of the planet from the multiple RGB run integrations.
This image shows a lot of nice detail in the planet's atmosphere. In the upper part of the Equatorial Zone on the border with the North Equatorial Belt (NEB) near the central meridian there is a distinct lighter coloured system. I watched this rotating around from one RGB run to the next. Just north of it and right in the image, there is a more distinct but smaller cell. The North North Temperate Zone and North Polar Region show subtle activity. The Hexagonal Polar Vortex is most distinct.



Niall MacNeill



J'ai enlevé l'auréole autour de la planète selon les commentaires de Franck. Merci monsieur :-). J'ai dû éclaircir complètement l'image deux fois dans Photoshop pour la voir, mais c'était là.


Cleaned up a few small processing artefacts on the limb


Saturn May 8th 2019, 


            Niall MacNeill