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Contains: NGC 6334

Technical card

RA center: 259.973 degrees

DEC center: -35.970 degrees

Pixel scale: 4.477 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -96.488 degrees

Field radius: 1.656 degrees


Luminance from Belo Horizonte and SONEAR Observatory (Oliveira, Minas Gerais)
Ha from Belo Horizonte
RGB from R. Gendler and R. Hannahoe

Ha: 40x900s --> Takahashi FS60c (Belo Horizonte)
L: 42x600s --> Takahashi FS60c (Belo Horizonte)
L: 50x120s --> C8 Hyperstar (Oliveira)


Roberto Colombari
License: None (All rights reserved) June 14, 2014

Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC6334, Roberto Colombari