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The active Sun on 14-08-08, 



The active Sun on 14-08-08

Technical card

Resolution: 2500x964

Date:Aug. 8, 2014

Time: 12:00

Frames: 500

FPS: 15.00000

Locations: "torretta" observatory, Bruneck, South Tyrol, Italy


Active sun in white light, Ca II and H-alpha. Taken 14-04-17, 14:30 CEST.
The left images shows the sun, how your eye would see it. Sunspots with umbra and penumbra are visible, as well as the granulation. The middle image shows the sun in the light of the singly ionised calcium at a wavelength of 393.4 nm in the near UV. Here active regions show up more clearly. The left image shows the sun in the light emitted by hydrogen at a wavelength of 656.3 nm. Here prominences are seen on the disk as well as on the limb of the sun.

The white light image is a single shot with a Canon EOS 1100Da through a 150mm/1000mm-Borg APO with a Baader Herschel Wedge attached. The CaII and the H-alpha image were aquired with a TIS DMK41 video module using Lunt telescopes with an aperture of 60mm. 500 out of 5000 frames where used for the surface, 500 out of 2000 frames for the prominences on the limb. Since the sun did not fit on the chip, two images have been combined to make a mosaik.



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The active Sun on 14-08-08,