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Pure Amazing, 


            Jeff Clayton

Pure Amazing


This is Mike Clements. He is a good friend of a friend of mine. He built this backyard telescope from scratch. It is one of the largest amateur built telescopes in the world. It is in the south end of the salt lake valley in Utah. The Primary mirror is a 70 inch mirror that was originally built for a cold war spy satellite. The mirror chipped on the edge (very very small chip) and was shelved and another was built. This mirror was auctioned off and made it into the public domain. The secondary mirror is 29 inches. The scope is 35 - 40 feet high The scope is around an F7. it weighs a total of 3000lb with the primary mirror weighing over 900lbs. My friend has looked through this scope many times and says he cannot describe the experience. I hope to have an opportunity very soon to visit this man and his scope and experience for myself the joy of putting my eye up to the scope.

I just had to share this with all of you.



Jeff Clayton
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Pure Amazing, 


            Jeff Clayton