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Simeis 147 Supernova Remnant, 


            Rogelio Bernal An...

Simeis 147 Supernova Remnant


Simeis 147, a supernova remnant also known as Sharpless 2-240, is an object typically photographed with narrowband filters, because under visible light it just appears too "poor" in comparison, mainly due to the fact that this object is extremely faint when imaged through RGB filters - and not too bright when using narrowband filters either! Narrowband data however deprives us from viewing the many other things happening around it.

Most narrowband+broadband compositions I've seen (usually H-Alpha + RGB or H-Alpha + LRGB) haven't been able to "fix" that, so I decided to give it a try, also expanding the typical already-wide FOV, to hopefully capture and visually document more of what's around.

3 panes mosaic for LRGB: L: 6 x 10', RGB: 6x5' each,
3 panes mosaic for H-Alpha: All combined 56 x 15'
Imaging Scope: FSQ 106 EDX w/Reducer
Camera: STL11k

Captured at Henry Coe State Park, DARC Observatory and Montebello OSP, California, on November 2011



Rogelio Bernal An...
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Simeis 147 Supernova Remnant, 


            Rogelio Bernal An...