Celestial hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Constellation: Hercules (Her)  ·  Contains:  Hercules Globular Cluster  ·  M 13  ·  NGC 6205
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M13, The Great Hercules Globular Cluster, 


            David Dearden
M13, The Great Hercules Globular Cluster
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M13, The Great Hercules Globular Cluster

Acquisition details

June 25, 2012
25×180(1h 15′)
1h 15′
Avg. Moon age:
5.68 days
Avg. Moon phase:

Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 6666475

RA center: 16h41m39s.1

DEC center: +36°2840

Pixel scale: 3.335 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 181.466 degrees

Field radius: 0.453 degrees

Resolution: 738x643

File size: 315.2 KB

Locations: Mapleton Lateral Observatory, Mapleton, Utah, United States


Date: 25 Jun 2012

Subject: M13, Great Hercules Globular Cluster

Scope: AT8IN+ 0.5x Antares telereducer

Filter: Baader UHC-S

Mount: CG-5 (Synta motors)

Guiding: Orion ST80 + 0.5x Antares telereducer + DSI Ic + PHD

Camera: DSI IIc (cooled at 2 A, 7.5 V)

Acquisition: Nebulosity 3.0.6

Exposure: 25 x 180 s

Stacking: Neb 3, bias included, normalize first, trans+rot align, 1.5 SD stack

Processing: digital development with sharpening, power stretch, saturation boost, GREYCStoration in N3, CS5 GradientXTerminator, levels + curves, Astronomy Tools color blotch reduction, star color enhance, local contrast enhance


Sky plot

Sky plot


M13, The Great Hercules Globular Cluster, 


            David Dearden