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Contains:  Merope nebula, NGC 1435, Maia nebula, NGC 1432, The star Pleione (28Tau), The star Atlas (27Tau), The star ηTau, The star Merope (23Tau), The star Sterope I (21Tau), The star Taygeta (19Tau), The star 18Tau, The star Electra (17Tau), The star Celaeno (16Tau)
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M45 CI Reproc, 


            Morten Balling
M45 CI Reproc

M45 CI Reproc

Technical card

Resolution: 4942x4939

Frames: 342x9892"

Integration: 939.7 hours job: 488685

RA center: 56.712 degrees

DEC center: 24.075 degrees

Pixel scale: 1.294 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -176.057 degrees

Field radius: 1.256 degrees


This is a reproces of the M45 crowd Image I made earlier.

(The image is best seen at full resolution. You can do that by clicking the image, and then clicking the orange X at the top right.)

I'm currently reprocessing some of the crowd image data I've gathered. With M101 I uploaded a new revision, but this image is so different from the original, that I decided to make a separate image.

First of all, I've developed new techniques, but furthermore, I've also included some new images.

All in all the image is now a combination of 342 different images, from 193 different amateur astronomers. I almost had tears in my eyes, to see so many people sharing their hard work, including many I had not seen before. Thanks for sharing! I really appreciate having the possibility to work with so many pixels, bits and bytes.

The final project takes about one terrabyte of harddisk space.

All images were integrated using FWHM weights, and all processing was done in PixInsight.

This version is “only” 25 Mpixel, but I kind of regret not going for 100. On the other hand just blinking all sub images takes a while, since they sum up to more than 100 GB in 16 bit, and twice that in 32 bit.

The integration time is an estimate, based on 50 random samples.

Image credits:

A. Tag, Abel de Burgos, achrntatrps, Adam Evans, Ahmad, Alex Gorstan, Alex Lovell-Troy, Alexey Kljatov, Álvaro Pérez Alonso, Alvinillo, Andrea Pistocchini, Andrew, Andy Rogers, Angel Requena, Anttler, äquinoktium, arcturus13, Armelle & Eric, Asaf Braverman, AstroGG, B.C. Chung, Ben Gilsrud, benedicte, beta_kappa, Bob Familiar, Bob Star, Boris Stromar, Brett Schaerer, Bryant Olsen, Burkhard, cafuego, Cameraguy34, Carl Drinkwater, Carsten Frenzl, chong huang, Chris Madson, Chun-yi Li, Claustonberry, Cobbler, Cody Garges, Cristóbal Alvarado Minic, Dan Seagrave, Dan Watt, Daniele Malleo, Danny Flippo, Darren, David DeHetre, Davide De Col, Dennis Harper, Did23, Donky_Tramp, Eduardo Mariño, eifionglyn, EmileLeTueur, Eric Gorski, Eric Kilby, Evaldas Granickas, Fermion, Ferran Ginebrosa, Filip Lolić, Filippo Bradaschia, Flavastro, Florian Meyer, Forrest Tanaka, Forrest Tanaka, Francisco Soto, Francisco Soto, Franck Schneider, FranckIM06, Frank Carey, Franz Haar, Fred Locklear, Fredrik Ödling, Fritz, galaad16, geco71, Gianluca, gianni, Giuliano Pinazzi, Helge Nordal, hjghjfgjfg, Ivan, IZAYOI YUKARI, James Hartshorn, Jan Curtis, Jason Hullinger, Javier Falcón Quintana, Jean-Daniel Pauget, Jeff Tropeano, Jens Zippel, Jill Robidoux, Jim Keller, Jim Mac, Joe Shuster, john.purvis, johnny9s, Jorge, Jose Carlos Castro, jpstanley, Juan Jimenez, Juan Lozano, Jürgen Kemmerer, Kristian Urdal, LLacertae, Luca Argalia, Luis Argerich, Lukáš Kalista, m1fcj, Marc Van Norden, Mario Bertsch, Mark Philpott, MarkC1952, Matt Jenkins, Matthew Cheng, Matthias, maxgaspa, Michael Southam, Mike Durkin, Mike Markiw, Mike Miller, Miodrag Sekulic, Miquel, Morten Balling, nd-nʎ, Nelson Saraiva, neptun, Nick Ares, Nick Bramhall, nicoairbus, oldal, Oliver Czernetz, Olivier x, Paul_Blakeman, PaulHutchinson, Pavel (sypai) Syrin, pbkwee, Peleg Wasserman, Pete Collins, Peter Gottstein, pfile, Phil Hosey, Phillip Seeber, poppet with a camera, Prabhakar, Preis Alois, R@PP, Rafael Leon, Ralph W, Ram Viswanathan, Richard Muhlack, Richard Pattie, Richie Jarvis, RIKY, Ro Irving, Rob Glover, Roberto Ferrero, Rochus Hess, Ruslan Zavadzich, s58y, Salvatore Iovene, Salvopa, Serge, Sergei Golyshev, Shin-ichi Ueda, skyborg, Stan McQueen, Stefano Morandi, Stelios ZACHARIAS, Stéphane Bourgault, Stephen Hanafin, Stephen Little, Stephen Rahn, Steve, Steve Yan, stevebryson, Steven Duckworth, sweeper, taitan, Tarfin T, theilr, Thomas Bresson, Tim, Tino Leichsenring, Tom Masterson, Tomofwight, tphelan88, Upupa4me, vastateparksstaff, Vedran Vrhovac, vetenskapsman, Wayne Young, Yodatheoak, Yohan Riou, Yusuke Morimoto.



Morten Balling
License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons

Sky plot

Sky plot


M45 CI Reproc, 


            Morten Balling