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"The Catwalk" - Jupiter 2015 01 24  Triple transit , Almir Germano

"The Catwalk" - Jupiter 2015 01 24 Triple transit



Acquisition details



Well. Where to start? This was just akin to Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show...



Anyway... C11, f/25, Grasshopper3, Astronomik R filter, AVx mount. And the Gremlins...

Starting capture at 2:24 UTC, the girls, lined from right to left, Callisto, Io and Europa.

At 3:11, Callisto´s shadow touch the boardwalk, er... Jupiter. Frame 8 to 9 here.

At 4:34, Io´s shadow enters the stage, followed by Gisele herself (...) at 4:53. Frames 21 and 24. Little jumpy here, for the meridian crossing.

Notice how different the two shadows look: Io´s very clear cut, and Callisto´s larger and fuzzy, much more penumbra from her shadow cone.

Io walked nicely and gracefully over the EZ, didn´t her?

And THEN, at 05:44 (Frame 38), Io passes Callisto´s Shadow cone. Be-au-ti-fuuuul!

Man, they are on fire! At 6:13, as Callisto touches Jupiter (...), Io touches the shadow projected over Jupiter, and Io proceed on making some nasty evolutions there. (Frames 46 to 49) Look at THAT...

Europa, little blondie, shows up her shadow, entering at 06:26.

And, it was the end for me, just before Io´s shadow left the face of Jupiter.

WOA! Nice!

The seeing was terrible most of the time, with spells of high clouds damaging transparency, as can be seen in the variable image quality.

All in all, pretty girls, don´t you think?



"The Catwalk" - Jupiter 2015 01 24  Triple transit , Almir Germano