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Contains:  M 82, NGC 3034, M 81, Bode's nebulae, NGC 3031

Image of the day 02/03/2015

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    Messier 81 & 82 Crowd Image, 


            Morten Balling
    Messier 81 & 82 Crowd Image

    Messier 81 & 82 Crowd Image

    Technical card

    Resolution: 2871x5054

    Integration: 0.0 hours job: 521171

    RA center: 149.008 degrees

    DEC center: 69.320 degrees

    Pixel scale: 0.915 arcsec/pixel

    Orientation: -164.032 degrees

    Field radius: 0.738 degrees


    EDIT: I'm always proud when one of my images is selected for IOTD, but the credit goes out to all the people, who share their data using a CC license. Without those data this wouldn't be possible. If you want to participate in future Crowd Image projects, without using a CC license, you can also drop me a PM, and then I'll add you to the list I keep of people, who have kindly given me permission to use their data. Thanks in advance! :)

    This is a crowd image. It was made by combining data from 132 different amateur astronomers.

    It's my first successful attempt making a crowd image mosaic. Both M81 and M82 images was used, as well as images of both galaxies.

    Version B is the same dataset, but reprocessed with the focus only on M82.

    If you want to see more examples of Crowd Images, have a look in my gallery. There are also some examples describing the method I use.

    All processing was done solely in PixInsight.

    Image Credits (Thanks for sharing!)

    A. Tag, Adam Evans, Agustin Nunez, Alnitak2009, Álvaro Pérez Alonso, Alvinillo, Angel Requena, Antonio Vilchez, apricot, äquinoktium, AstroGG, astrojeff, Ben Browning, Ben Gilsrud, Bob ten Berge, budman1961, Burkhard, Carlos Martín López, Carsten Frenzl, chripell, Chris Benson, Chris Madson, chris2k4ever, Claustonberry, Cody Garges, Cosmosium, Creedence, cristiano.c, Dan Watt, Daniele Malleo, David L Milligan, David Milligan, David Warrington, Davide Simonetti, Duncan Kitchin, EmileLeTueur, Eric Ganz, Eric Kallgren, FbThienVanHoc, Ferran Ginebrosa, Flavastro, Florian Meyer, fragro, Fred Locklear, Fredrik Ödling, g8ey_m, galaad16, GBeck, geco71, gulielmus, Gustavo Naharro, Haramir, Heiko Günther, Henrik, iva, Jay, jdiwnab, Jérôme Béguin, Joe Shuster, Johan Schmaal, Jose Carlos Castro, José Luis Márquez Regueiro, jpstanley, Jürgen Kemmerer, Jussi Kantola, Justin Good, Kal, Ken_Lord, khyperia, kinnerc, Kristian Urdal, lizarranet, Luca Argalia, Luca Billeri, Luigi Fontana, M.W.Hoy, Mario Bertsch, Marius Strom, matt wartell, Matthew Cheng, Matthias, Matti Nissinen, Mauro Narduzzi, Máximo Bustamante, Michele Fabrizio, Mike Durkin, Miquel, Morten Balling, Mulberry24, nd-nʎ, NicolasP, Noriaki Tanaka, Olivier x, Owen, Patrick Denker, PaulHutchinson, Peter Ilas, pfile, Phil Hosey, Phillip Seeber, pisto92, Rafael Leon, Ralph W, Ram Viswanathan, Ramon, RIKY, robbeh, Roberto Ferrero, Rodrigo Cunha, s58y, Salvatore Iovene, SAQ mx, Sendell, Serge, Stan McQueen, Stefano Giardinelli, Stephen Rahn, Steve, Steve Elliott, Steve Yan, stevebryson, sweeper, Tim, Tom Harrison, vastateparksstaff, Vincent Bhm, Vipula De Silva, Walliang Jacques, Wayne Young, Yohan Riou, zemt-fr, Zoeff.



    Morten Balling
    License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons


    • Final
      Messier 81 & 82 Crowd Image, 


            Morten Balling
      Messier 81 & 82 Crowd Image, 


            Morten Balling

    Sky plot

    Sky plot


    Messier 81 & 82 Crowd Image, 


            Morten Balling