PixInsight free trial arrived !, 



PixInsight free trial arrived !

Acquisition details

Feb. 12, 2015
7×30(3′ 30″)
3′ 30″
Avg. Moon age:
22.49 days
Avg. Moon phase:

Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 543751

Resolution: 620x388

File size: 176.5 KB

Locations: La Gueule du Loup (Malonne), Namur, Namur, Belgium


First jump into the huge platform : I took another set of M42 frames. Made the "mistake" to put more O-III filtered frames, resulting in an excess shade of blue, that so far I didn't manage to balance. But, hey, it does bring more subtle details. The 16.35 mag star is now loud and clear... with only 7 frames @6400iso.

Bare with me : I chose to share the ups and down of this learning process : many uninteresting images are published, I'm afraid. But as I enjoyed this extensive browsing, I figure a little number of you guys and girls out there may appreciate...

ERRATUM : the marker top left point @ a 16.35 star is misplaced, this one is a bit brighter, @ 15.90. Will correct this in next version :-)

B VERSION : NOT PI. For comparison's sake, this is the same master stacking, here processed with Nebulosity 3.2 and iPhoto only. Color balance is better (I know pretty much how to use it) but you see details are blurred into background brownish noise. Denoise efficiency : 1 / 0 for PI ;-)

C VERSION : a screen capture I took of my workspace on PI. Here are so many tools, layers to fiddle with, components, and what not. In the end it means more data in your frames than the eye could see at first !

Also, the first approach of this animal feels a bit daunting, so many new terms it pulls out at your face ; quite technical and hard to enter into, but a couple of hours of trying things out already gives a different feeling.



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PixInsight free trial arrived !,