Contains: M 43, NGC 1982, NGC 1977, NGC 1980, M 42, Great Nebula in Orion, NGC 1976, NGC 1975, NGC 1981, NGC 1973, The star 45Ori, The star ιOri, The star θ2Ori, The star θ1Ori, The star 42Ori
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Orion Nebula M42 wide field

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens: Esprit 100/550

Imaging camera: SBIG STL-11000

Mount: Skywatcher AZ EQ6 GT

Guiding telescope or lens: TS 8x50 Finder

Focal reducer: Skywatcher Esprit 100 F5.5 flattener

Software: NebulosityPixInsightPHD guiding

Filter: Baader Planetarium LRGB Filter Set

Resolution: 3987x2662

Dates: Feb. 20, 2015

Frames: 73x240"

Integration: 4.9 hours

Avg. Moon age: 1.75 days

Avg. Moon phase: 3.41% job: 591585

RA center: 83.785 degrees

DEC center: -5.377 degrees

Orientation: 178.825 degrees

Field radius: 2.224 degrees


Title: M42 wide field
Optic: Skywatcher Esprit 100/550 Refractor
Flatner: Skywatcher Esprit 100/550 Flattner
Filter: Baader 50mm LRGB
Camera: SBIG STL11000M C2 at -25°C, capture with Nebulosity3
Mount: Skywatcher AZ-EQ6-GT
Guiding: 50mm Finder, ASI120MM, openPHD2, DitherHigh, scale 3
Exposures: L 34x4min (25 true L, 9x from RGB);
RGB 56:52:48min, subexposure 4min
RGB 125:125:125sec, subexposure 25s
29x Darks, 180x Bias, 42x Flat (green), 41x Flat (L)

Date1: 2015-02-20, Vockenroth, Germany, RGB Frames
Date2: 2015-03-09, Defersdorf, Germany, L-Frames


Image Calibration, CosmeticCorrection, StarAlignment, Image Integration, ChannelCombination, DBE, STF-Stretching, Drizzle Integration for L, 2x Resample for RGB, L-RGB Combination, HDRMT
Blending of the Huygens-Region with 125s Image, masked denoise, Dynamic, Levels, HighPass Sharping
SCNR to green, DSE Script, 3x StarMask, masks combining with PixelMath, multi MT and MMT for star removal
Shadows and Highlights, denoise, masked Hue and Saturation, Levels, Dynamic, masked SelectiveColor, masked Highpass Sharping, blending of stars, mixing of two versions of this image, masked HighpassSharping, repair of a reflex

Original: only RGB from date1
Version B: LRGB with workflow as stated above
Version C: Stars removed with MT and MMT
Final: LRGB with workflow as above but something harder

Thomas Jäger




Sky plot

Sky plot


Orion Nebula M42 wide field,