M78 : a nightmare on Moon-street..., Ewam

M78 : a nightmare on Moon-street...



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Lesson number 24 :

Here was MY big night, and the clouds decided to leave us alone completely, despite the less positive predictions from "Meteoblue" ; tonight was going to be my first multiple long exposures session : 40 times 180" @ 6400 iso (I could use 34). This would reveal so much more than my first humble attempt, this would be my entry into the world of... Stop dreaming, the moon is right above (barely 20°) and shinning happily. UHC or not.

I post it for some (I hope good) reasons : first of all, I'm very pleased with this 10 micron machine : with a simple alignment procedure (2 stars + 3 more to fine-tune a little), I keep perfect track of stars for 3 minutes (still nice after 6 minutes actually!) without guiding at a respectable focal length of 1m20cm. Second on my list, from a pale blue (UHC filters with moonshine do that quite well), contrastless image, I managed to regain at least something. But post-production is not just magic.

Third, I will never forget this : no dark night = not worth spending 2 hours imaging !

Depth of field : mag. 17.40 approx'

Clear, dark nights to all !



  • M78 : a nightmare on Moon-street..., Ewam
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    M78 : a nightmare on Moon-street..., Ewam


M78 : a nightmare on Moon-street..., Ewam