Hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Constellation: Cassiopeia (Cas)  ·  Contains:  IC 1795  ·  IC 1805  ·  IC 1848  ·  IC 1871  ·  NGC 1027  ·  NGC 896
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Heart and Soul Nebula 2 Panel Mosaic (Melotte 15 & Sh2-199), 


            Marc Schuh
Heart and Soul Nebula 2 Panel Mosaic (Melotte 15 & Sh2-199)
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Heart and Soul Nebula 2 Panel Mosaic (Melotte 15 & Sh2-199)

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: TS Optics Photoline 70/420 Triplet

Imaging cameras: ZWO ASI1600MM-P

Mounts: Celestron Advanced VX

Guiding telescopes or lenses: 50mm Guidescope

Guiding cameras: T7C

Focal reducers: TS Optics Photoline 0.79x reducer / corrector

Software: SharpCap pro  ·  Pleiades Astrophoto S.L. PinInsight  ·  PHD2  ·  Nighttime Imaging 'N' Astronomy

Filters: Optolong Ha 31 mm 7 nm  ·  Optolong SII 31 mm 6.5 nm  ·  Optolong OIII 31 mm 6.5 nm

Accessory: Zwo EAF  ·  Zwo EFW

Dates:Nov. 5, 2020Nov. 6, 2020Nov. 7, 2020Dec. 26, 2020

Frames:Optolong LRGB SHO(6nm) 31mm: 429x300" (gain: 139.00) -25C bin 1x1

Integration: 35.8 hours

Avg. Moon age: 17.95 days

Avg. Moon phase: 74.77%

Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 4119975

RA center: 2h 42' 5"

DEC center: +60° 53' 38"

Pixel scale: 2.315 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 343.825 degrees

Field radius: 2.736 degrees

Resolution: 7959x3012

Locations: Heimsternwarte, -, Burgenland, Austria

Data source: Backyard


My first mosaic and longest total integration time on a singe final image so far.

Frames 300" each:

Panel 1 (Heart Nebula):

Ha: 107
Oiii: 101
Sii: 101

subtotal: 309 x 300" = 25,75 h

Panel 2 (Soul Nebula):

Ha: 63
Oiii: 26
Sii: 31

subtotal: 120 x 300" = 10 h

Total integration time: 35,75 h


Preprocessing using Blink, WBPP to calibrate, SFS to weight & select, ImageIntegration and DrizzleIntegration (Panel 1, Ha of Panel 2 only) for integrating.

Mosaic preparation:

For each panel Sii and Oiii:

Crop, DBE. TGV+MMT as needed to match the other panel in terms of noise.

For Ha panels:

Crop, DBE, Decon. TGV-MMT as needed.

Registering channels using StarAlignment (Register/Union Separate), combining with GradientMergeMosaic. Register all mosaics to Ha and crop.

Used Ha as luminance:

HT, Curves, LHE

HSO combination for RGB using Pixmath:

Stretch separate channels to non-linear using HT and Curves. Combine to pure HSO using PixMath. Background neutralization, HT, Curves, Convolute.

Combine RGB and L with LRGBCombination:

Multiple curves, Resample, StarReduction (A. Block Method using Ez Processing Suite), ACDNR, MMT


Sky plot

Sky plot


Heart and Soul Nebula 2 Panel Mosaic (Melotte 15 & Sh2-199), 


            Marc Schuh

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