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Lunar Eclipse 28.09.15, 


            Rich Bamford
Lunar Eclipse 28.09.15

Lunar Eclipse 28.09.15

Technical card

Imaging camera:Nikon D7100


Resolution: 6036x4020

Date:Sept. 28, 2015

Time: 03:47

Frames: 30

Focal length: 300 job: 800599

RA center: 3.367 degrees

DEC center: 0.651 degrees

Pixel scale: 2.699 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -154.777 degrees

Field radius: 2.718 degrees


Experiment in PixInsight to stack the Moon and star background separately and merge the two together again to produce a star background for the eclipse. Apart from bringing out the stars it also nicely hid the neighbour's roof which was present to varying degrees in most subs.

The subs were 30x20s taken at 30s intervals around the time of totality (03:47 where I was in the UK).

Aligning and stacking on the Moon was fairly straightforward using the FFT registration script. I could have removed the stars from the sub first but the faint trails were easy enough to mask out from the integrated image. The really tricky part was stacking the stars. Simply aligning and stacking on the stars left a huge elongated blob of Moon in the frame - easy to mask out but then left a large empty area. In the end I started by masking out the Moon from all the subs first. As the subs were effectively over a 15min period the stacking produced a nice star field even where the Moon was. Finally it was simply a case of masking a hole in the star field and merging in the frame of the Moon.



Rich Bamford
License: None (All rights reserved)

Sky plot

Sky plot


Lunar Eclipse 28.09.15, 


            Rich Bamford