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Veil Nebula Complex, 


Veil Nebula Complex
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Veil Nebula Complex


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Acquisition details


Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 804524

RA center: 20h51m00s.10

DEC center: +30°5110

Pixel scale: 2.701 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 0.068 degrees

Field radius: 2.123 degrees

Resolution: 620x526

Locations: Home, De Pere, WI, United States


This image is a two section mosaic of the veil nebula complex.

The Western Veil (near 52 Cygni) also known as the Witch’s Broom, Finger of God or Filamentary Nebula: NGC 6960

Eastern Veil: brightest area NGC 6992, trailing off farther south NGC 6995 and IC 1340

Pickering’s Triangle: brightest at the north central edge of the loop, but visible in photographs continuing toward the central area of the loop.

NGC 6974 and NGC 6979: Luminous knots in a fainter patch of nebulosity on the northern rim between NGC 6992 and Pickering's Triangle

Exposure time: Ha 14h + RGB 4h with a total integration time of 18h

Two section mosaic: for each section:

Ha: 28x15min ISO 1600 (7h integration time)

RGB: 30x4min ISO 1600 (2h integration time)


Sky plot

Sky plot


Veil Nebula Complex,