Celestial hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Constellation: Cepheus (Cep)
Gyulbudaghian's Nebula and friends, 


            Ginge Anvik
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Gyulbudaghian's Nebula and friends, 


            Ginge Anvik
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Acquisition details

March 15, 2016
56×600(9h 20′)
9h 20′
Avg. Moon age:
7.16 days
Avg. Moon phase:

RA center: 20h42m33s.20

DEC center: +67°4901.9

Pixel scale: 2.225 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 95.268 degrees

Field radius: 1.267 degrees

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Resolution: 3276x2460

File size: 5.4 MB

Locations: Bjarkebu Observatory, Ytre Enebakk, Norway


Slightly above and to the right of the center of this image is an object called Gyulbudaghian's Nebula, named after Armenian astronomer Armen Gyuldubaghian who discovered it in 1977. This bright yellowish, fan-shaped structure is a so-called Herbig-Haro object, which means it is a newborn star (in this case PV Cephei) shooting out two jets of gas in opposite directions from it's north and south poles. In this image we can only see one of the jets as the other one is mostly obscured by dark molecular dust. This object catalogued HH215 or GN 20.45.4, is actually changing in visual intensity over only a few months. Luckily, the HH215 was really bright at the time of these exposures. In images shot as late as November 2015, the fan has a different shape altogether. The dark and dusty nebulae stretching downwards from the center of the image is called LBN 468 and contains amongst others LDN1158, LDN1157, LDN1148, LDN1155 and Rno 124 Cepheus.


Sky plot

Sky plot


Gyulbudaghian's Nebula and friends, 


            Ginge Anvik