Contains: NGC 2916, NGC 2905, NGC 2903

Image of the day 04/20/2016

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NGC 2903 in a field full of small fuzzy galaxies

Technical card

Resolution: 5835x6015

Frames: 96x1200"

Integration: 32.0 hours job: 1041556

RA center: 143.052 degrees

DEC center: 21.510 degrees

Pixel scale: 0.840 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -92.242 degrees

Field radius: 0.977 degrees


A lovely barred spiral galaxy in Leo sits in a field full of smaller galaxies.

Captured at SRO in California.

Acquisition credit: John Kasianowicz, Daniele Malleo, Leonardo Orazi, Rob Pfile, Rick Stevenson and Jerry Yesavage.

Processing credit: Rick Stevenson



Rick Stevenson

Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC 2903 in a field full of small fuzzy galaxies, Rick Stevenson