Contains: Extremely wide field
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Reflections on Shenandoah River

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens: Rokinon 16mm f2.0

Imaging camera: Canon 550D

Software: Microsoft Image Composite Editor LightroomPhotoshop

Resolution: 10817x5645 job: 1259948


Shenandoah River near Front Royal, West Virginia, July 11, 2016. Twelve panel panorama (2 rows x 6 columns), Canon 550D, Rokinon 16mm f/2.0 lens @ f/2.0, exposures 30 sec @ ISO1600.

Please read my blog entry for more information about this photo!

Revision B adds sepia tone (step 15).

Processing Workflow
(LR) Lightroom, (ICE) Microsoft Image Composite Editor, (PS) Photoshop CC
1. Raw conversion: correct lens distortion, exposure -1.0, blacks +30, export individual panels as sRGB 16-bit .tiffs (LR)
2. Stitch panels (ICE, spherical projection)
3. Duplicate image layer so one is for foreground, the other sky
4. Convert to foreground to black and white via adjustment layer (PS, channel mixer, monochrome R,G,B +40,+60,+0)
5. Convert to sky to black and white via adjustment layer (PS, channel mixer, monochrome R,G,B +30,+35,+35)
6. Increase foreground brightness (PS, brightness adjustment layer, mask selecting foreground)
7. Increase foreground brightness (PS, exposure adjustment layer, mask selecting foreground)
8. Contrast curve to sky (PS, curves adjustment layer, mask selecting sky)
9. Convert to smart object to allow subsequent steps in PS
10. Local contrast enhancement (PS, unsharp mask, amount 15%, radius 100 pixels)
11. Noise reduction (LR, luminance 20, detail 70)
12. Increase exposure because saving to jpeg darkens image.(LR, exposure +0.18)
13. Darken sky slightly (LR, tone curve, darks -7, shadows +18)
14. Give the stars some punch (LR, clarity +10)
15. Apply sepia toning with a gradient map adjustment layer (PS, Sepia 2, opacity 25%)



Jason Tackett



Reflections on Shenandoah River, Jason Tackett