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Between Crescent and Eta Cygni, 


            Yuichi Kawamoto
Between Crescent and Eta Cygni
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Between Crescent and Eta Cygni

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Borg 55FL  ·  BORG 67FL

Imaging cameras: QHYCCD QHY16200A Mono  ·  Canon KissX4

Mounts: CEM60

Guiding telescopes or lenses: Takahashi GT-40

Guiding cameras: QHYCCD QHY 5L-II mono

Focal reducers: BORG Reducer 0.8x DGQ55 [7880]  ·  Borg 7108

Software: Photoshop CC  ·  Astroplace.net APT  ·  PixInsight 1.8


Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 1211844

RA center: 20h 3' 53"

DEC center: +36° 33' 21"

Pixel scale: 3.627 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 179.053 degrees

Field radius: 2.880 degrees

Resolution: 620x496

Locations: Shirabiso Highland, Iida City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan


Lots of amazing faint nebulae are hidden under the starry flow of the milky way in Cygnus. This shot captured area between the famous Crescent nebula NGC6888 and Eta Cygni. The Sharpless 101 "Tulip Nebula" located around the Eta Cygni is a good guide to find the famous X-ray source X-1 Cyg.

Unfortunate weather condition at the night did not allow me to expose as planned, totally 1 hour of both L and RGB images from cooled CCD camera and DSLR were captured though thanks to the dual telescope system. This shot is not a mosaic, then you can see the image form of the new APS-H sensor KAF16200 is amazingly close to square compared to typical rectangle APS-C sensors.

Detailed acquisition information is as follows:

[Exposure Time]

L Images:

2016/8/9 0:14-0:42

300 secs x 6 frames, total exposure 30 minutes

RGB Images:

2016/8/9 0:11-0:42

140 secs x 11 frames, total exposure 25.6 minutes

Total exposure time: 55.6 minutes


Equipment for L:

Borg 67FL + 7108 reducer, fl324mm F4.8

QHYCCD QHY16200A mono, -13 degrees Celsius

Equipment for RGB:

Borg 55FL + 7880 reducer, fl200mm F3.6

Cannon EOS Kiss X4 (IR modified), ISO1600

Common Equipment:

Mount: iOptron CEM60

Guiding Telescope: Takahashi GT-40

Guiding Camera: QHYCCD QHY-5IIL

Capturing Software: APT Version 3.12

Guiding Software: PHD2 Version 2.61

Processing Software: PixInsight

Photoshop CC

L images for the LRGB was composition of images with cooled CCD Camera QHY16200A, while RGB images were from DSLR EOS Kiss X4.



  • Between Crescent and Eta Cygni, 


            Yuichi Kawamoto
  • Final
    Between Crescent and Eta Cygni, 


            Yuichi Kawamoto

Sky plot

Sky plot


Between Crescent and Eta Cygni, 


            Yuichi Kawamoto