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Galaxy Dwingeloo1 (LEDA100170) and LEDA166069

Technical card

Resolution: 3326x2504

Dates: Sept. 23, 2016

Frames: 17x600"

Integration: 2.8 hours

Avg. Moon age: 22.22 days

Avg. Moon phase: 49.20% job: 1252676

Locations: Beilen Observatory B85, Beilen NL, Beilen, Drenthe, Netherlands


17 x 600s R filtered exposure of the Dwingeloo1 galaxy that was discovered with the venerable Dwingeloo Radio telescope in 1994, just before it was decommissioned. It is located in the "zone of avoidance" where dust from our own galaxy obscures much of the light. Only red and infra-red light and radio waves will penetrate this dust. So it was discovered in radio emissions, but it is detectable in visible light too! For me this one is special, since I work at the Dwingeloo Radio Observatory (ASTRON).

I will try to get some more images when the moon is gone again to make an L-RGB image.
The negative version shows the shape of the faint galaxies a bit better.
The blob in the middle is Dwingeloo1, the blob a bit lower is LEDA166069



Albert van Duin


Galaxy Dwingeloo1 (LEDA100170) and LEDA166069, 


        Albert van Duin

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