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Neptun and it's  moon Triton, 



Neptun and it's moon Triton

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Skywatcher collapsible Dobson 12" GoTo

Imaging cameras: ZW Optical ASI120MC

Software: Fitswork4  ·  Adobe Photoshop CS6  ·  AviStack2

Date: Dec. 2, 2016

Time: 18:51

Frames: 20

FPS: 1.00000

Focal length: 1500

Basic astrometry details job: 1360529

Resolution: 1183x824

Locations: Home Observatory, Syke, Niedersachsen, Germany


Neptun and Triton using 12" Dobson and video camera.

Initially I was sceptical if a video cam is senstive enough to catch Triton.
It turns out that the result is much better than using my Atik Cam at a single 10 sec shot.

Reason is, the ZWO ASI has smaller pixels and because of the resulting less sensitivtiy,
Neptun apears smaller and hence Triton shows more separated, despite of it's relative close elliptical orbit.

Triton: 3 Neptun diameter southwest.

There might be one of the smaller moons at southeast directly attached to Neptun.
Not sure if this is possible or if it is an artefact. (look inverse monochrome)

20 handselected video frames added

best seen in full resolution



Neptun and it's  moon Triton,