Contains: NGC 1893, IC 410, Flaming Star nebula, IC 405, The star 19Aur, The star 16Aur
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The Tadpole and the Flaming Star Nebula

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens: William Optics Zenithstar 66

Imaging camera: Moravian G2-8300

Mount: Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 GT

Guiding telescope or lens: SkyWatcher Finder/Guider 9x50

Guiding camera: QHY5L-IIc

Focal reducer: William Optics flat 6

Software: PixInsight 1.8Sequence Generator ProPhotoshop C6

Filters: Astrodon OIII 5nmAstrodon SII 5nmastrodon Ha 5nm

Resolution: 3175x2238

Astrodon OIII 5nm: 18x600" bin 1x1
Astrodon SII 5nm: 16x600" bin 1x1
astrodon Ha 5nm: 41x600" bin 1x1

Integration: 12.5 hours job: 1379005

RA center: 79.616 degrees

DEC center: 33.786 degrees

Pixel scale: 3.455 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -163.006 degrees

Field radius: 1.864 degrees



Nicolas Kizilian

Sky plot

Sky plot


The Tadpole and the Flaming Star Nebula, 


        Nicolas Kizilian