Contains:  NGC 1893, IC 410
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IC 410 Tadpoles and Asteroid 157 Dejanira, 


            Dan Goelling
IC 410 Tadpoles and Asteroid 157 Dejanira

Technical card

Resolution: 640x480

Dates:Dec. 30, 2016

Frames: 173x120"

Integration: 5.8 hours

Avg. Moon age: 1.11 days

Avg. Moon phase: 1.40% job: 1404590

RA center: 81.000 degrees

DEC center: 33.767 degrees

Pixel scale: 4.434 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -83.685 degrees

Field radius: 0.493 degrees

Data source: Unknown


Last Friday night on 12/30 I was testing out my first Off Axis guider (Astrodon Mega MOAG) and imaging IC 410 - The Tadpoles in constellation Auriga and noticed a slow moving object when I stacked the images. Turned out to be Asteroid 157 Dejanira discovered in 1875. The .gif is over the course of 8 hours from 20:00 on 12/30 to 04:00 on 12/31 (EST).

First time trying to make a movie or .gif, I used Blink in PixInsight with ffmpeg arguments. Then used ffmpeg in a terminal prompt to convert the .mov to a looping gif. Sorry if this is laggy or skipping, I'm not sure how to play with the resolution or file size and quality.

173 - 2 minute exposures with an 5nm Ha filter

Cool stuff! This hobby is so much fun!

Thanks for looking,



Dan Goelling
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Sky plot

Sky plot


IC 410 Tadpoles and Asteroid 157 Dejanira, 


            Dan Goelling