Contains: NGC 3628, M 66, NGC 3627, M 65, NGC 3623
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Leo Triplet

Technical card

Resolution: 3704x2800

Dates: Feb. 3, 2017Feb. 27, 2017March 4, 2017March 5, 2017March 6, 2017March 20, 2017March 23, 2017March 24, 2017

ZWO Blue: 76x150" (gain: 150.00) -25C
ZWO Green: 52x150" (gain: 150.00) -25C
ZWO H-alpha 7nm: 27x300" (gain: 150.00) -25C
ZWO Luminance: 69x150" (gain: 129.00) -25C
ZWO Luminance: 46x200" (gain: 75.00) -25C
ZWO Red: 67x150" (gain: 150.00) -25C
ZWO Red: 61x150" (gain: 150.00) -26C

Integration: 18.3 hours

Avg. Moon age: 12.78 days

Avg. Moon phase: 35.58% job: 1570735

RA center: 169.992 degrees

DEC center: 13.300 degrees

Pixel scale: 0.919 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -72.162 degrees

Field radius: 0.593 degrees


This one didn't come out the way I was hoping, but I can't devote any more time to it at this stage. Perhaps if I can get Sequence Generator Pro up and running, I'll devote some time to it between other shots, but otherwise it will have to wait until next year. Simply put: I messed up in my acquisition. My first batch of red frames were out of focus. My second batch of red, along with my second batch of luminance cut off the top right corner and perhaps worst of all: I rotated my camera, which meant my diffraction spikes didn't line up. I never nailed down the perfect gain and exposure length sequence and it just ended up noisier than it should be for roughly 18 hours of integration. You win some, you lose some. Still - I don't hate it.



Chris Sullivan



Adjusted curves and hue saturation.


I added a lot of blue, but now I'm thinking I need to reshoot the reds and at least double my luminance data.


Pushed the hue saturation in an attempt to figure out what data I should reshoot. I'm thinking it's mostly the luminance, which is annoying since we're getting close to a full moon.


I added some red frames taken too close to a nearly full moon. I think I just need to ditch my red data (and luminance data) completely. My green and blue data look good at least, which is more than I can say for the M101 I've been working on since January... Daylight savings has made it even more difficult to finish this one, since it now doesn't rise past the trees until around 1:30 a.m.


New red frames. I can't figure out if I'm making this better or worse. I'm going to try gathering some hydrogen alpha tonight, but the forecast doesn't look too promising. If I get some, I'll go through all my data again, restack and try one last time to make this work.


This was mostly processed by Derek Santiago, who helped me get my color balance back on track and produced the LRGB image from my stacks. I added the Ha and did some minor hue saturation and level adjustments. Thanks Derek!


Still mostly Derek Santiago's processing, but there were a few things I liked more about mine, so I combined my final image with his: M66 is mostly my processing, M65 is 50-50, and the Hamburger is all his.

Sky plot

Sky plot


Leo Triplet, 


        Chris Sullivan

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