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PK 164+31.1 (Jones-Emberson 1) in bi-color

Technical card

Resolution: 1760x1156

Dates: March 3, 2017March 4, 2017March 5, 2017March 8, 2017March 11, 2017

ZWO H-alpha 7nm: 63x300" (gain: 150.00) -25C
ZWO OIII: 22x500" (gain: 150.00) -25C bin 2x2
ZWO OIII: 15x300" (gain: 150.00) -25C
ZWO OIII: 7x500" (gain: 75.00) -25C

Integration: 10.5 hours

Avg. Moon age: 8.64 days

Avg. Moon phase: 59.42% job: 1732299

RA center: 119.466 degrees

DEC center: 53.415 degrees

Pixel scale: 1.864 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 68.583 degrees

Field radius: 0.545 degrees


This was a fun but challenging target. For the past two weeks, every clear night was a windy night, so I threw away most of my data from every session. This was also the first time I experimented with binning (as well as specifying coordinates in Stellarium instead of selecting a target).



Chris Sullivan



Bi-color in HA and O3. Tried to create natural looking stars by taking the O3, moving the levels to destroy actual nebula data (but leaving the stars intact) and using that. It wasn't entirely successful.


Added another 58 minutes of O3 in longer exposures.


Added some red data and green data - nowhere near enough. I think it added more noise than signal.


Added some binned O3. False green channel.


Used the same O3 stack for green and blue. It's still noisier than I'd like, but I'm getting tired of working on this subject. I'll try to get more hydrogen tonight, but the forecast calls for wind. If it doesn't work, I'll publish as is.


Added a few hours of Ha.


Just cropped it a little tighter to center it in frame better.


I've been going through my older images and seeing if what I've learned over the past 6 months can help me improve on my images. I'm realizing now that I didn't capture enough data for this one - it's too noisy. I'm going to have to point my scope at it again this winter. I can't say why exactly, but I love this target.

Sky plot

Sky plot


PK 164+31.1 (Jones-Emberson 1) in bi-color, Chris Sullivan