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Slideshow "Astrofotografie auf der Emberger Alm"


Happy new year 2013!

Recently I have composed a little slideshow (app. 8 minutes) from my images with pan and zoom effects.
Please follow the orange link above this description (below the title).

There are 3 versions available with different resolutions:

AstroShow480.flv: 854x480, format Adobe Flashplayer, very bad resolution.
AstroShowHD720p.wmv: 1280x720, format Windows Media Player, better resolution, size 124 MB.
AstroShowHD1080p.wmv: 1920x1080, format Windows Media Player, best resolution, size 214 MB.

For best viewing-results: download your preferred resolution and play it with Microsoft Windows Media Player or VLC media player or your preferred video-player. If you are using Adobe Flash Player (without downloading the file), don't forget to set the quality to a high value.

Enjoy the short video...:-)





Slideshow "Astrofotografie auf der Emberger Alm", DetlefHartmann