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Thor's Helmet Narrowband

Technical card

Resolution: 3919x2789

Dates: March 13, 2017March 16, 2017March 19, 2017March 21, 2017March 23, 2017

ZWO Blue: 13x60" (gain: 75.00) -25C
ZWO Green: 21x60" (gain: 75.00) -27C
ZWO H-alpha 7nm: 35x300" (gain: 150.00) -25C
ZWO H-alpha 7nm: 9x400" (gain: 150.00) -25C
ZWO OIII: 35x300" (gain: 150.00) -25C
ZWO Red: 22x60" (gain: 150.00) -25C

Integration: 7.8 hours

Avg. Moon age: 20.56 days

Avg. Moon phase: 62.31% job: 1731335



Chris Sullivan



No new data - just tried a combination of methods for fixing the elongated stars due to the wind-ruined frames I shouldn't have used. It was moderately successful, but if I can get better data, I'll probably just leave the problem frames out.


Added more O3 frames and got rid of the problem frames. I still want to add more Ha frames and also do some RGB stars, but overall, I'm really pleased with how this one is coming out. I hardly did any processing on this.


Added another 13 subs of hydrogen alpha - it should have been 33, but the wind just won't leave me alone. I'd like to get a little more hydrogen alpha and some RGB for the stars. Hopefully that will work out for tomorrow, because next week looks like nothing but clouds.


This is with some green and blue subs added in to the O3 data. I think it helped the stars, but I'm not sure about the nebula. I'll gather some red data and more Ha and reevaluate.


Played around with the color balance and selective color as well as curves.


More modifications to curves and selective color.


Added more Ha along with RGB stars.


One last adjustment to the layers.


Tried a different method of getting the RGB star data in. It doesn't really look all that different.


Fixed the oversaturated background, adjusted levels, played with selective color a little and did some additional noise reduction.


I just learned a new way of increasing contrast, so I've been playing around with that. Also did some selective color modifications and reduced the levels, which I pushed too far in the last revision.


Thor's Helmet Narrowband, Chris Sullivan