Contains: Jupiter

Jupiter and Io animation

Technical card

Resolution: 1280x820


Only 14 frames - I initially thought I didn't have a prayer of this working because I processed my last frame first and it was TERRIBLE. Seeing broke down at frame 15 about 2:45 a.m. First frame was taken at 1:35 a.m.



Chris Sullivan



I tried processing the last few frames differently in the hopes of incorporating them. I got all but the last two to look acceptable (although the last frame included is rather iffy), but Io was not picked up in the new stacking method, even though I added alignment points on it. I'm uploading it, but that's a deal-breaker for me. Revision A will be the final version on this. Also: My mount broke! I'll likely be without it for at least a week if not longer. :(


Well, I found the moon if I clicked "Do All" in Registax. I also processed every video I took and some of them were clearly no good. It's also noisier overall, as I elected in include on 15% of the frames instead of 30-50% to try to get only the absolute best frames. I still think revision A is the best even though it's 10 frames shorter and has no GRS.


Tweaked some problem frames to include only 10%. Basically, it's imperceptibly better.


Got rid of the last three egregiously bad frames and cropped it a little tighter. I tried adjusting the hue saturation and brightness/contrast, but got weird results (a bright flicker between the equatorial belts), so I'm leaving this 'unprocessed'.


Jupiter and Io animation, 


        Chris Sullivan