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Star Dust  and no stars, 


            Rich Sky

Star Dust and no stars

Technical card

Basic astrometry details job: 4215401

Resolution: 2254x3012

Locations: Black Dog Observatory, Canada, Canada

Data source: Backyard


Dust between IC5070 and NGC7000 has been processed for star removal.
My first attempt at star removal, so emphasis can be on the details of the nebula.


If you use startools, here is what I did:
Create mask for large stars:
Select module 'Heal' and these are the selected options:
1- New must be darker -> 50%
2- Grow mask -> 10 pix
3- Quality -> started with medium, until correct parameters were selected and then 'Ultra'
4- Neighbourhood -> 35 pixels (reduce this parameter if you want the details closer to the star)
5- Neighbourhood Samples -> 19 pixels
6- New darker than Old -> 'No'
7- Saved resulting image

I repeated steps 1 to 7 with a small star mask reducing the parameters by a lot, as the stars were much smaller.

Learning: For RASA equipment use 'Heal' module to remove 'offending star hallow' created by f2/highspeed RASA