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Mars (5 days after opposition 2022), Benjamin Law

Mars (5 days after opposition 2022)



Acquisition details



This is my best Mars picture to date.
I have been waiting for a moment for good seeings, and here we go.

It felt like -15C outside..... I spent about 2 hours outside sitting beside my scope to setting it up, focusing, making some mistakes and correcting them..... and got 12 x 90s data. IT WAS COLD!!!!!

You can see the largest volcano in our solar system, Olympus Mons, in the upper right position of the picture. According to NASA, it is over 600km in diameter and 25km high (almost 3 times taller than Mr. Everest).

Technical data:
Date: December 13, 2022 (5 days after Mars Opposition 2022)
Time: 0320-0338 UT
Scope: Sky-watcher 350P SynScan Dobsonian
Camera: Player-One Mars-C
Accessory: ExploreScientific 5X focal extender
Shutter: 2.337ms
FPS: 170
Duration: 12x90s

FireCapture, AutoStakkert, Registax, Winjupos, Photoshop



Mars (5 days after opposition 2022), Benjamin Law