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Asteroid  3 Juno (My first asteroid), 


            sky-watcher (johny)

Asteroid 3 Juno (My first asteroid)

Technical card

Resolution: 1000x675

Date:July 21, 2017

Time: 23

Focal length: 750

Locations: Western Hungary, Páli, Hungary


Camera : ASI 174mm
Telescope : SW f5 Newtonian
Exp time : 30sec
Gain : 200
Duration : 45 minutes (from 22:15 to 23:00 )
Juno, minor-planet designation 3 Juno in the Minor Planet Center catalogue system, is an asteroid in the asteroid belt.
Juno was the third asteroid discovered, on 1 September 1804 by German astronomer Karl L. Harding.
It is the 11th-largest asteroid, and one of the two largest stony (S-type) asteroids, along with 15 Eunomia. It is estimated to contain 1% of the total mass of the asteroid belt.
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sky-watcher (johny)
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Asteroid  3 Juno (My first asteroid), 


            sky-watcher (johny)