Contains: Sun

Eclipse Prominences

Technical card

Resolution: 2160x1442

Date: Aug. 21, 2017

Focal length: 871


Here’s my try at the prominences. I merged both the C2 and C3 images into a single image, so this is not scientifically accurate. Because of the way the moon moves across the disk of the sun, you can only see one side of prominences at a time. Imaged with a Canon 6D and my AP refractor at 871mm in Niota, Tennessee. Everything was automated through a program called Eclipse Orchestrator. Automation made this great because I spent all 2 minutes and 39 seconds observing the eclipse and not fiddling with the camera

I was totally floored observing the C3 proms through a modest pair of 8x42 binos. After months of planning, I’m very thankful to have had the chance to observe and image this event. I’m giving serious thought to going to see the 2019 eclipse in Chile or Argentina.

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Dan Goelling



Eclipse Prominences, 


        Dan Goelling