Contains: IC 1396, North America nebula, NGC 7000, Pelican nebula, IC 5070, IC 5068, Veil nebula, Lace-work nebula, Filamentary nebula, NGC 6960, gamma Cyg nebula, IC 1318, M 31, Great Nebula in Andromeda, NGC 224, The star Matar (ηPeg), The star δCyg, The star Scheat (βPeg), The star Alderamin (αCep), The star Gienah (εCyg), The star Sadr (γCyg), The star Schedar (αCas), The star Caph (βCas), The star Alpheratz (αAnd), The star Deneb (αCyg), The constellation Vulpecula (Vul), Part of the constellation Pegasus (Peg), The constellation Lacerta (Lac), Part of the constellation Sagitta (Sge), The constellation Cygnus (Cyg), Part of the constellation Cepheus (Cep), Part of the constellation Cassiopeia (Cas)
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Milky Way In Arizona - April 1990

Technical card

Resolution: 1017x1495 job: 1710497

RA center: 330.950 degrees

DEC center: 44.616 degrees

Pixel scale: 180.172 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 94.325 degrees

Field radius: 45.246 degrees


Taken SE of Tucson, AZ in April 1990. OM-10 with 50mm lens piggyback on Meade 10 inch Newtonian/EQ Mount.




Sky plot

Sky plot


Milky Way In Arizona - April 1990, 



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