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Contact! The 2017 Eclipse Begins

Technical card

Resolution: 3730x2487


Image composite of four images from two telescopes on a GEM during the eclipse.

Telescope 1 - Hydrogen Alpha Lunt 80mm PST
This scope allows the user to see the photosphere and corona at the same time
via the Pressure tuning ablities of the scope. It allows only a small amount
of energy through, hence it's name as a "HA-Alph" scope. With this scope, no
moon disk would be seen, as it is not emitting HA.

Telescope 2 - 130mm Refractor with a Baader SolarLite filter allowing only
the light of the light from the solar disk through. Again, all other infomation
would be black.

As the moon made contact with the solar disk, both my telescopes and thier cameras
show the infraction of the moon. By using the data throughout the eclipse to
extrapolate the moons size, I then placed it's shadow above the eclispe, just
as it would have been, could my tech been capable of seeing it.

Cameras used- ZWO 174 & Canon 5D3

Mount used- Astro-Physics 1100GTO

Images used- four, one from the 5D3 total eclipse to see the corona and one from the infraction
of the moon, and two from the HA scope to again see the infraction, but also to
see the photosphere.

Image edited in AstroStakkert & Photoshop.

Images recorded in Spring City, TN



Matt Harbison


Contact!  The 2017 Eclipse Begins, Matt Harbison