Contains: NGC 7424
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Spot the difference: SN2017bzb in NGC7424

Technical card

Resolution: 1817x1535 job: 1744133

RA center: 344.329 degrees

DEC center: -41.066 degrees

Pixel scale: 0.737 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 270.521 degrees

Field radius: 0.244 degrees


I imaged NGC7424 back in 2013 with a Ceravolo 300 and Apogee U16M camera. Looking through new data (captured in September 2017) with an Astro-Physics RH305 and SBIG STXL 16200 I noticed a bright star near the edge of the galaxy that wasn't visible in 2013. Unfortunately, I wasn't the first to notice supernova SN2017bzb :) It was discovered in March 2017 by Stu Parker from the BOSS supernova search team.

There are three different versions of this image. The first is an animated GIF that makes the SN very obvious. The second shows the old and new images side-by-side. The third is a better quality LRGB image of the galaxy with the supernova labeled.

2017 data provided by Martin Pugh (



Rick Stevenson



Side-by-side comparison of 2013 vs Sep 2017


Better quality LRGB image with supernova labeled.

Sky plot

Sky plot


Spot the difference: SN2017bzb in NGC7424, Rick Stevenson