Contains: Cocoon nebula, IC 5146
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IC5146 WIP - Staunton River Star Party - Test of ArcSinH

Technical card

Resolution: 1465x1075 job: 1781248

RA center: 328.111 degrees

DEC center: 47.340 degrees

Pixel scale: 2.980 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 181.711 degrees

Field radius: 0.752 degrees


Experiment using MaskedStretch for L and ArcSinH to stretch RGB. Then combine with LRGBCombination.

You end up with some color - lots of color. It preserved the color all right - WAY too much color. Stars ended up with strong halos. I cleaned it up with some masked HueSaturation in PS but in the end I think it is too much for my tastes. I prefer a more reserved "natural" look.

I don't think ArcSinH was the problem. I just need to be more refined in my use of the tools. I also need to understand why the combined RGB frames have asymmetric halos. Probably something to do with some of the color obtained on one side of the meridian and some on the other.






Processed my "old" way w/o ArcSinH - for comparison

Sky plot

Sky plot


IC5146 WIP - Staunton River Star Party - Test of ArcSinH ,