Contains: Earth's Moon

Walled plains of Walther, Regiomontanus and Purbach

Technical card

Resolution: 1298x1016

Locations: Otus Observatory, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil


The crater Walther (up left) is a circular formation with steep slopes supporting many craters whose Nonius to the South-East Walter C to the North-West and Walter D &
Nonius L to the East. It have a very high walls with terraces and a immense flat floor with Walter E to the West and a group of craters whose Walter A to the North-East with Craterlets and
lines of crests.

Regiomontanus (center) is a engthened and wrecked formation oriented West East with steep slopes riddled with craterlets to the West and to the South and crushed by Purbach to the North.
It have high walls to the East and collapsed to the West ridden by Werner A to the East. Also, the crater have a flat floor with craterlets and hill with a central mountain supporting the summit craterlet Regiomontanus A.

At last, Purbach (down right) is a damaged circular formation with a pretty steep slopes especially to the West and supporting La Caille to the North-East Thebit to the North-West multiple
craterlets to the West whose a chain to the South-West and crushing Regiomontanus to the South. Pretty high walls dismantled to the West crushed by Purbach G to the North and supporting the craterlets Purbach S & U to the South. It have a flat floor supporting Purbach A and the ghost crater Purbach W to the center with numerous craterlets and hills.





Walled plains of Walther, Regiomontanus and Purbach, Fábio