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Melotte 15 The Heart Nebula cropped, 


            PixelSkies (David...

Melotte 15 The Heart Nebula cropped


This is a cropped image of the original 5 hrs 20 mins Ha 4 hrs 20 mins OIII 3 hrs 20 mins SII. 13 hrs total . All subs were 1200 secs. First time using my new Ioptron CEM60 mount to create a colour image and have to say very impressed with the performance of this mount. Very pleased with the detail I've managed to capture. Now on to the next target.

Optics: Skywatcher Esprit 120 F7

Camera: Xpress Trius SX-694 Mono Cooled to -15C

Image Scale: 1.07 Arcsec

Guiding: OAG

Filters: Baader Ha

Mount: iOptron CEM60 "Standard" GOTO Centre Balanced Equatorial Mount

Image Acquisition: Sequence Generator Pro

Stacking and Calibrating: Pixinsight

Processing: Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop CC

Melotte-15 is the star cluster at the heart of the Heart Nebula. It is an OB association of very young hot blue supergiant stars that is only 1.5 million years old. Fierce stellar winds from this cluster have blown the enormous bubble within the parent HII nebula that is the heart nebula. The winds have also sculpted the dust clouds within which other stars are forming into interesting columns and shapes, analogous to the Pillars of Creation in the Eagle Nebula

IC1805 Nebula is in the constellation Cassiopeia. In the central part of the cloud shines Melotte 15, a cluster of giant stars, young and very hot. The ultraviolet radiation from massive stars sculpted this fantastic gas column. Is commonly identified with the name of Melotte 15. The age of the cluster is estimated at a million and a half years and its distance from Earth, about 7,500 light years.



PixelSkies (David...
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Melotte 15 The Heart Nebula cropped, 


            PixelSkies (David...