Contains: Earth's Moon

GIF of ISS and Super Blue Moon

Technical card

Resolution: 470x462

Date: Jan. 30, 2018

Time: 23:43

Frames: 30

FPS: 45.00000

Focal length: 655


Shot this on 1/30/2018 at 23:43 est. This .gif is slowed down 4x so the actual time the Space Station was in front of the lunar disk was only 0.59 seconds!

The International Space Station orbits out planet every 90 minutes at a whopping 17,000 mph or roughly 5 miles per second. There is currently a 6 person crew on board, members of Expedition 53

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Transit details:
Tuesday 2018-01-30 23:43:31.97 • Lunar transit

ISS angular size: 63.49″; distance: 435.17 km
Angular separation: 2.9′; azimuth: 170.2°; altitude: 68.8°
Center line distance: 0.35 km; visibility path width: 4.41 km
Transit duration: 0.59 s; transit chord length: 33.3′

R.A.: 08h 33m; Dec: +17° 32′; parallactic angle: 8.1°
ISS velocity: 56.4 ′/s (angular); 7.13 km/s (transverse)
ISS velocity: 1.93 km/s (radial); 7.39 km/s (total);
Direction of motion relative to zenith: 138.7°
Moon angular size: 33.8′; 31.9 times larger than the ISS
Moon phase: 99.8%; angular separation from Sun: 174.9°



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GIF of ISS and Super Blue Moon, 


        Dan Goelling