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The Stars of Orion, 


            Matt Harbison
The Stars of Orion
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The Stars of Orion

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The Stars of Orion, 


            Matt Harbison
The Stars of Orion
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The Stars of Orion

Imaging Telescopes Or Lenses
Scope #1 (William Optics FLT 132 Triplet APO WOFLT132) · William Optics FLT 132 Triplet APO Scope #2
Imaging Cameras
QHY 16200A 16200 #2 · QHY 16200A
Astro-Physics 1100 GTO · Astro-Physics Mach 1 GTO
B · G · R · L · Astrodon Ha 3nm
QHY Med OAG QHYOAG-M · Moonlite Crayford Focuser with motor · William Optics Reducer WO 0.80 #1 · William Optics Reducer 0.80 #2 · WILLIAM OPTICS FLAT 4
Adobe Photoshop · PixInsight · Sequence Generator Pro
Guiding Telescopes Or Lenses
Willam Optics 50mm Guidescope
Guiding Cameras

Acquisition details

Jan. 15, 2018
B: 12x180" (36') -15°C bin 1x1
G: 12x180" (36') -15°C bin 1x1
L: 12x180" (36') -15°C bin 1x1
R: 12x180" (36') -15°C bin 1x1
2h 24'
Avg. Moon age:
28.10 days
Avg. Moon phase:
Bortle Dark-Sky Scale:

RA center: 05h40m54s.5

DEC center: -02°2920

Pixel scale: 3.188 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 69.452 degrees

Field radius: 5.259 degrees

Resolution: 1824x1169

Locations: Cloudland Canyon, Trenton, Georgia, United States; Chattanooga, Chattanooga, Tn, United States; Marathon Motel, Marathon Motel, TX, United States


The Stars of Orion - 300 image mosaic in the making.

Ten more panels making it 20 total with 17 left to edit. I had a big season transitioning to dual scopes and I’m posting this one ahead of finishing out to Betleguese. I’m on a mission to make it to Betleguese before Orion sets for the year but Weather will play a big part. I’ve got roughly five hours a night left until March. It’s going to be tight. Regardless, I am on track to finish at least 25 panels this season,

Maybe even 13 more if I get the time. It’s worth noting I got 3 before switching to the dual scopes and 22 after with the week in Marathon Texas. If it has been clear all week

for us, I’d of finished this leg.

Integration per panel:

12x3min L

12x3min R

12x3min G

12x3min B


Sequence Generator Pro - Mosaic wizard Calibration in BPP per scope (Batch Pre Processing), integration with star alignment outside of BPP with the Star Alignment Tool, and processing with LRGB combination and photometric Color calibration applied per pane.

Levels and exporting in Photoshop.


132 FLT William Optics x 2

QHY 16200A CCD x 2

Astrodon filters: LR in scope 1, GB in scope 2

Astro-Physics 1100 GTO

QHY 5L-II on a 200mm WO Guide scope

ADM dual saddle with ADM robin Cassidy aiming device.



    The Stars of Orion, 


            Matt Harbison
  • Final
    The Stars of Orion, 


            Matt Harbison

Sky plot

Sky plot


The Stars of Orion, 


            Matt Harbison