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Proposed to replace IOTD


Just an idea to replace IOTD. No need to update daily. You can scroll to prior picks. Categories are used in many contests, like cars, art, photos, etc. Many thanks to Carole Pope for her great ideas.

Can also randomize the latest picks when the person logs on or the page is re-visited to help expose more Top Picks.

My rough attempt was to make it as big and inviting as possible given several key categories. You can select an image for detail or quickly page to others. A separate Top Picks "index" page, similar to what we have now, but with categories, would be useful for a quick review of many Top Picks.

If you like the IOTD "flavor", we might have a "noteworthy" image added to the top. That would not be daily. Instead, I imagine the judges might do this every few days or even weekly or monthly to ensure it's really good! Kind of like "Employee of the Month".





Proposed to replace IOTD,