Contains: M 43, NGC 1982, NGC 1977, NGC 1980, M 42, Great Nebula in Orion, NGC 1976, NGC 1975, NGC 1981, NGC 1973, The star 45Ori, The star ιOri, The star θ2Ori, The star θ1Ori, The star 42Ori
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Orion and Running Man

Technical card

Resolution: 3013x1943 job: 1928108

RA center: 83.757 degrees

DEC center: -5.324 degrees

Pixel scale: 2.302 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 84.552 degrees

Field radius: 1.146 degrees

Locations: Home Observatory, Louisville, KY, United States


Never satisfied but still learning. Orion and Running Man. I really want to achieve a smoother result but I think I just need much more time to gather those photons or to use a longer FL scope with larger aperture to do a composite or maybe both. When I zoom in I just see too many gaps. This image comprises of sets of 15 of each exposure level of 5 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec, 120 sec, and 240 sec shots. So 90 shots and about 2 hrs data collection time. The varied exposures aids with the HDR and have a non blown out core with a defined trapezium.




Sky plot

Sky plot


Orion and Running Man,